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The recycling of obsolete and discarded materials is nearly as old as humankind itself. While the Recycling Today Media Group (RTMG) does not go back that far, our commitment to the industry began in 1963 when Recycling Today was founded as Secondary Raw Materials magazine.

Since that time, our single brand has grown into a group of magazines, websites, e-newsletters, events and exhibitions and industry databases. They combine to form a group with uniquely comprehensive coverage of the recycled materials and environmental services industry.

The RTMG is committed to meeting the needs of our readers by providing the most relevant and current business intelligence and meeting the needs of industry suppliers (our advertising customers) by ensuring they receive maximum exposure to the thriving industry sectors we serve.

Environmental services is a thriving business. Driven by strong, demand the recycled materials business is truly global. Processors of recovered iron and steel and other metals, paper, plastics and other materials ship the commodities they process with exacting specifications worldwide to supply basic industry.

Demolition contractors seek to minimize waste in their work through aggressive on-site materials recovery and processing, while processors of mixed construction and demolition (C&D) materials work to recover even more.

Waste management companies are working to manage society’s discards with environmental sensitivity. From the recovery and processing of recyclables to the creation of energy and the safe and secure final disposal of wastes that cannot be repurposed, the industry continually safeguards the environment.

The demands of this global marketplace mean that industry managers must stay abreast of the latest market information and industry trends. That demand has driven the creation of the range of media products we offer.

Our deep industry commitment is also demonstrated by a team that offers more than 100 years of combined industry experience. It allows us to offer uniquely powerful market insight and perspective.

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Recycling Today is our flagship brand. Produced as a monthly print and digital magazine, a continually updated website and a suite of informative newsletters, it provides broad coverage of the industry. Deep insight into commodity markets, legislative and regulatory activity and technology and equipment trends underpins the value we offer industry executives and managers. That reader-driven content ensures our advertising communications value.


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Scrap Recycling is a supplement to Recycling Today published three times annually. It builds upon Recycling Today’s six decades covering the scrap metal recycling business. Topics covered include analysis of global scrap metal flows, volume and pricing trends, processing and melt shop technology and company profiles. Produced in collaboration with Davis Index, a provider of global ferrous and nonferrous pricing indexes.

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Plastics Recycling is a supplement to Recycling Today published three times annually. Building on our decades-long reporting on plastics recycling, coverage includes brand owners’ use of recycled content, advances in plastics recycling and technology, materials science and profiles of reclaimers. Published in cooperation with Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing magazine, each issue is co-distributed to each magazines’ entire circulation.

Construction & Demolition Recycling is published six times annually in print and offers a continually updated website and a weekly e-newsletter. It provides comprehensive coverage of North America’s multibillion-dollar demolition and mixed C&D recycling industry. Critical insight into commodity markets, legislative and regulatory activity as well as equipment and technology ensure active reader engagement. That engagement drives powerful advertising communications value.  


Waste Today publishes eight annually in print and offers a continually updated website and a twice-weekly e-newsletter. Coverage includes collection and transfer, organics, recycling, conversion technologies, waste to energy, landfill management, special and hazardous waste, markets and contracting, mergers and acquisitions—all aspects of North America’s environmental services industry. Our deep coverage drives active readership. That engagement ensures uniquely powerful advertising communications value.   


  • Recycling Today — This twice-weekly e-newsletter delivers the latest in news from across the recycling industry, from metals to municipal programs. It also includes information on products and technology for the industry.
  • Recycling Today Global Report  — This twice-monthly e-newsletter serves the global recycling industry, delivering news, custom editorial and product innovations. 
  • Recycling Today Auto Shredding News — This monthly e-newsletter recaps headlines in the automotive recycling and shredding sectors. It also features products and services targeted to these segments of the industry.
  • Plastics Recycling Report  — Our monthly e-newsletter covers the plastics recycling industry, including generation and recovery trends, processing technology updates and consuming industry activity. 
  • Construction & Demolition Recycling — This weekly e-newsletter is delivered to subscribers' inboxes twice per month and covers news and developments in the construction and demolition recycling sectors as well as new product innovations. 
  • Waste Today  — This twice-weekly e-newsletter brings readers the latest news and developments in the solid waste industry.